Accurobio™ Custom Antibody Sequencing Service

Accuro Biologics has extensive experience in antibody V-region sequence determination from cDNA. We offer a rapid yet high quality and cost effective service.

Sequencing is conducted at the level of cDNA and sequences are compiled based on bi-directional sequencing of multiple independent clones. Click to view graphic.

Sequencing Data

The service is applicable to antibodies derived from all common species, including mouse, rat, rabbit and human sources. The service is fully customised but includes the following features:

  • Comprehensive report of protein and DNA V-region sequences
  • CDR annotation (Kabat and Chothia annotation)
  • Antibody gene family sub-group assignment
  • Archive of data files
  • Plasmid DNA storage for future use
  • Projects delivered in 4- 5 weeks

Starting Materials

  • Although not critical, we would like to know the isotype of your antibody before we start the project.
  • A pellet of snap frozen cells expressing your antibody should be sent to our laboratory in the UK. Ideally we would prefer to receive around 1x107 cells.
  • Viable cells may be shipped to us to culture if required.

Hybridoma Rescue

Valuable antibodies may be rescued from non-viable cells, if required.

Project Options

Accuro Biologics provides an option to achieve complete validation of the V-region sequences by production of a recombinant version of the antibody and testing using your own specific binding assay. Mouse or human constant regions of different isotype may be specified.

Cost Effective Service

Our comprehensive services are available on flexible and highly competitive terms. Significant discounts are available for multiple antibodies analysed in parallel. Discounts are also available in any follow-on projects commenced with an antibody sequenced by our team. Please contact our sales team to gain a tailored cost for your specific sequencing requirements.